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Veterans Congressional Internship Program

Who: Military veterans who have an interest in being able to qualify for employment on Congressional Staff. Should be interested in Congressional Staff service as a career path and not a short term job.

What: A ten week paid internship on Congressional Staff, learning the Congressional Legislative and Budget process and obtaining the qualifications, experience, training, and credentialing necessary to be a potential candidate for employment on Congressional Staff. These internships are overseen, administered, and mentored by the Washington Scholars Intern Program Management Team, a motivated group of more than 20 Washington Scholars Graduates now working full time in the nation’s capitol and “giving back” of their time and expertise as successful graduates of the Washington Scholars Program by volunteering their service on the Management Team.

When: Fall [usually beginning in September], Winter/Spring [start dates flexible from January through March], and Summer [start dates in late May or early June].

Where: Congressional Staff, U. S. Congress, Washington, DC. Preferably on the staff of their own Congressman or Senator, but if those are unavailable, then on another Congressional Staff that will provide the necessary training, experience, qualifications, and credentials to qualify for future employment consideration on Congressional Staff.

Why: To gain necessary knowledge, experience, training, qualification, and credentialing to better be able to compete for employment on Congressional Staff.

To bring their valuable military service experience, training, and knowledge to Congressional Staff with a view towards enhancing Congress’ available on-staff expertise in military programs and projects through military veterans that have actually worked on those programs and experienced firsthand what worked and what did NOT work.

How: Go to the Washington Scholars Intern Programs website at www.WashingtonScholars.org and review the application procedures, then complete and submit the application forms. Clearly identify the application as “Veterans Congressional Internship Program” and indicate whether your candidacy is for Fall, Winter/Spring, or Summer. Application deadlines are always 90 days prior to the desired start date in order to provide sufficient time for the Selection Committee to review, grade, and then select the final candidates for each Washington Scholars Class.


1. Future Leaders for America Foundation is an IRS-approved 501.c.3 tax deductible organization. Their Washington Scholars Internship Programs are specifically formulated to bring the nation’s best & brightest young men and women to Washington, DC to serve in internships that will hopefully motivate them to choose a life’s career in federal service or national public policy. Details available at www.futureleadersofamerica.org and www.washingtonscholars.org
Point of Contact: Veterans@FutureLeadersForAmerica.org

2. The out of pocket cost of a full 10 week internship is approximately $5,000. Each intern is provided with a weekly scholarship stipend of $200 to cover meals, metro fare, and general living and support expenses, plus $1200 per month is used to provide housing within reasonable commuting distance to their assigned internship venue.

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