Parking Updates

Spring and Summer Student Parking

Beginning May 1, 2017  Students may park in any Student Commuter lots legally during the Spring and Summer without a permit.  Overnight parking is NOT allowed in Student Commuter Lots.  Cars parking overnight must move to a Residential Lot.  If on the Pew Campus, you will need a parking permit in residential areas.

Residential areas on the Allendale campus do not require a permit.  If living on campus or visiting the Residential lots on Pew Campus, you will need a permit.  Please stop into Pew Campus Security at 102 Eberhard Center to obtain this Pew Residential permit.

Fall Semester Permits will go on sale July 17th.


Parking Changes for Fall 2017

No Parking Sign

To allow construction for the Ravines Restoration Project, Lot O will be closed. For more information, visit MLive's article on the Ravine Restoration Project.

Commuter permits will be $420 per year / $210 per semester - Full-time student

Commuter permits will be $240 per year/ $120 per semester - Part-time student

Lot J permits will be $150 per year / $75 per semester 

All permits will be billed to student accounts based on credit hours. 

For those leaving or graduating from GVSU, please return your permit to either campus safety office, or it will be deactivated.

If you have any questions contact parking services at (616) 331-PARK (7275) during business hours. 

Monday - Thursday 6:00 am - 6:30 pm 

Friday:  6:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Overnight parking is enforced from 3 am to 6 am. Overnight parking is accommodated only in residential lots. 

Visitor Lot at The Marketplace - Is a short-term (maximum of two hours) pay to park only lot ($0.50 per 12 minutes or $2.50 per hour).  Parking in ADA compliant reserved spaces in this lot will require payment and is limited to a two hour stay. Payment options include: cash, credit card and Parkmobile.  This lot is enforced 24/7.

Lot Z (Campus Health Center/AGS) - Either a Faculty/Staff permit or Student Commuter (RED) permit will be required. Patient only designated parking spaces will be enforced.

Eberhard Center - Faculty/Staff reserved spaces are accommodated for a two hour stay.  Visitors are welcome to park and pay at meters or by displaying a visitor permit.  Gate arms have been removed and parking is actively being enforced.

If you are bringing a car to campus, you will need a permit or pay to park at a meter or pay station.  Avoid a $35 (No Permit Displayed) citation.  Daily student permits are available for purchase for $6 at Parking Services or Pew Campus Security and will be billed directly to student accounts.

If you have not received a new permit, please leave last years permit on your vehicle. Faculty/Staff permits expiring 8-14-2017  will be considered valid for the first two weeks of classes. Lot F and the NE portion of Lot G have been reserved for Faculty and Staff.

Fall-Only contracts for Adjunct Faculty will receive a white Fall Faculty window decal which is good until 12-31-2017.  Once a contract for winter has been processed HR will request a new permit be issued and blue Faculty/Staff permit will be issued good until 8-14-2018.

Overnight Parking for trips will be accommodated in the northwest portions of both Lot J and Lot B-2, a GVSU permit is required.

Commons Lot Closed - For Non-Service Traffic

This fall Dept. of Public Safety moved forward to closing access to Commons Service Drive to all non-service vehicles.  Please beware we are actively enforcing for non-compliance and those in violation of parking rules and regulations.  This area is not available for drop-offs and is enforced 24/7 including weekends.

Commons Drive Closed to Non-Service Vehicle Traffic

Page last modified June 23, 2017