On-Campus Move Out

April 21, 2017

Grand Valley Housing and Resident Life and Department of Public Safety take pride in our efficient, effective, and easy move in process that allows vehicles drive-up access to drop items at your building entrance, and with the help of hundreds of volunteers, get it to your door before you can park your car.

Moving out over 6,000 students is not as easy. As you are experiencing, it took less time to unload AND unpack than it has taken to even figure out where to begin your move out checklist, and it is less systematic.

To ensure the safety of our students and parents during move out, please be mindful of how you are parking your vehicle:

  • Do not park in front of or block building entrances and exits.
  • Do not park in fire lanes (signs and a yellow curb indicate a fire lane)
  • Be on the lookout for areas where vehicle traffic and/or parking is prohibited
  • Stay on the concrete and off the grass
  • Limit your time to 5-10 minutes by packing and bringing to the ground level before you retrieve you vehicle

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Page last modified April 21, 2017