ADA Parking Information

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Parking for People with ADA Compliance Needs: ADA parking is always enforced. A valid GVSU permit is required to accompany an ADA compliant placard or plate. If ADA compliance parking spaces are not available, the ADA permit holder may park at a meter (payment not required) or in a Faculty/Staff or Student lot only.  Parking in any other space is prohibited.  Parking in ADA compliant spaces in pay stations lots will require payment and is limited to a two hour stay.

University-Issued ADA Compliance Permits: Mobility impaired persons shall be issued, without charge, a temporary permit not to exceed thirty days. A written statement from a physician must be presented and must specifically state the need for ADA compliant parking and the time frame for which it is necessary. These permits are not renewable. Those individuals needing ADA parking privileges beyond thirty days must obtain a permit from the Michigan Secretary of State. If temporary ADA compliant parking accommodations are needed, contact either Campus Safety office.

Illegal Use of an ADA Parking Placard or License Plate: Under Michigan law, it is illegal to use an ADA placard or license plate when the ADA permit holder is not being transported; to lend an ADA placard to another person; and to make a copy of an ADA placard.

Campus Safety will confiscate any ADA placard found to be in use illegally and return said placard to the Secretary of State with an explanation of misuse.

Page last modified May 24, 2016