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Health Information Management

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Health Information Management (HIM) is the practice of managing medical information vital to providing quality patient care. HIM organizes health information data by ensuring its quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security. Managers regularly communicate with health care professionals to clarify diagnoses or to obtain additional information.

Program Overview

The HIM program is a secondary admission program. Students pursuing this degree will also complete a minor in health care information systems. Completed applications are due March 1, prior to fall acceptance. Minimum criteria:

  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Completion of 45 semester hours, which includes current enrollment, verified by transcript
  • No grade less than a C in BMS 250, BMS 251, and AHS 100


HIM administrators must be familiar with electronic health record (EHR) computer software, maintaining EHR security, and analyzing electronic data to improve healthcare information. Areas of study include:

  • ICD-10-CM/PCS and CPT/HCPCS Coding
  • Quality in health care
  • Health care law
  • Leadership practices in HIM
  • Strategic planning in HIM
  • Field practicum in HIM

Career Options

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states ten of the 20 fastest growing occupations are health care related. Job prospects are very good for administrators with strong computer software skills. There are over 125 job titles available to the degree holder in a variety of settings.

Why Study Health Information Management at Grand Valley?

  • Students can expect individualized attention with class sizes no larger than 30 students.
  • The minor in health care information systems is unique to the HIM degree at GVSU, providing additional employment opportunities for students after graduation.
  • Software technology used in curriculum is paid for by the Allied Health Sciences department.
  • HIM graduates are key players in interprofessional health care organizations.
  • High job placement with the potential for maximum return on investment.

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