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Chinese Studies

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Throughout much of its history, China was the most culturally, intellectually, economically, and technologically dominant civilization in Asia and the world. With the recent developments in China, the country is exerting an ever-broadening influence on the world community.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree allows one to not only build a solid knowledge of China and its culture but also develop new perspectives on American culture and an enriched self-understanding. All majors participate in a study abroad program in mainland China or Taiwan in order to gain first-hand experience with the language and culture. Visit for details.


At the core of the program is a strong emphasis on the language, culture, history, philosophy, literature, geography, and politics of China. Elective courses from different departments and disciplines can be combined to build a strong and personalized understanding of China.

Career Options

The major provides an essential foundation for anyone interested in pursuing a career that may involve knowledge about China, such as:

  • International Business
  • Government
  • International relations
  • Law
  • Social work
  • The humanities
  • Education
  • Tourism

Why Study Chinese Studies at Grand Valley?

The Chinese studies program at Grand Valley:

  • Prepares students for an increasingly diverse world of peoples, cultures, religions, and economies.
  • Is a gateway to gaining communicative and intercultural skills in a global economy.
  • Provides opportunities for study abroad and cultural enrichment.
  • Makes students well-educated individuals.


“I'm passionate about the subject I teach. The Chinese study abroad program is very successful. One former student, who was always very shy, became very confident through the program. He's now the president of a Chinese import business.”


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